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The "infamous" Temple University crew

This is most of the "Infamous" Temple University crew. 1st. Sargeant Tom Cavileer (second from right) ran the show but everyone did their part (Even Charlie showed up). They did 204 entire bathrooms in 21 days with 0 defects. They liked our work so much our next university was St. Joe's with over 540 rooms. All this while also doing the Trump Marina, Trump Plaza and all our our residential customers.

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Check out our movie cameo!

Find us in the movie "The Town" starring Ben Affleck and Blake LIvely. We refinished two ancient tubs and a pedestal sink. They wouldn't let Charlie be a co-producer, but they were grateful for the fast turaround and great refinishing job by our Boston techs.
Port St. Lucie Eastern Refinishing

Why not just tear out and replace the tub?

When you factor in the plumbing costs to remove and reinstall a tub, plus the landfill for the old tub and initial tub cost for the new tub, it comes to almost $2000. You're also without your bathroom for a week and it comes with a big dusty mess! You can refinish, also called reglazing, for a fraction of the cost. Most standard tubs can be brought to a "like new" condition, with a 5 year warranty, for under $450! It can all me done in one day, and you can use the tub the very next day!




Bathtub refinishing is the process of restoring the surface of a worn, damaged bathtub to a like new condition. This process typically involves repairing any damaged areas, prepping the surface and applying a new finish

Hi Charlie – I just wanted to let you know that I was really very impressed with the recent bath tub and tub area refinishing you did for me recently. The tile and tub look brand new again, and no more horrid Harvest Gold! Thank you so much.


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Posted bySharonSilvermanon 08/11/2010

I just had my whole bathroom redone by Eastern Refinishing and I can't believe my eyes. It came out just like "Charlie" said it would. The guys were on time (actually early) and were very professional and charlie was the most honest and funny guy you could ask for. He told me what it would cost and what the results would be. I couldn't believe my eyes. Thanks again to Bob, Tom and of course Charlie for making this project easy and enjoyable. These guys are real pros.
Sharon S.




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Article from our library:

Use Themes to Produce a Stunning Bathroom
By: Stephen Dolan

By choosing a theme to fit your personality, you can enhance the look of the bathroom and provide a haven for you and your family. Therefore, bathroom themes for decorating should take into consideration the mood you want it to provide you every time you step into it. You can bring in the look of the rest of the house for coordination purposes, or you can come up with a bathroom decorating theme that is totally unique from the rest of your home's style.

The Contemporary Style

The contemporary look can be a jumping off point for many unique and wonderful bathroom themes. Contemporary bathroom decorating involves wood finishes, clean lines, simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and other modern accents. The most distinctive element of a contemporary theme is line. The bare space is as important as the areas filled with objects; less is more. Many contemporary bathrooms include natural stones, tiles and wood to provide a calming feel. Furniture pieces should be simple and uncluttered. When you choose a contemporary theme, you can rely on simple fixtures and accessories that result in a dramatic overall look for the bathroom.

Create a Calming Sanctuary

If you want the bathroom to be a calming place, the color scheme is of primary importance. Lighter colors make the bathroom seem to have more space, and lighter colors can often improve a person's mood. Continue the calming theme by adding lavender scents to the bathroom in the form of decoration or various kinds of soap. Lavender has been traditionally used for relaxation and to relieve headaches. Use fabric accents like a low pile rug in a pale color, breezy drapes on the window, natural fiber floor mats or baskets.

Bring the Outdoors In

Take your sanctuary a step further and bring the outdoors indoors. Create an oasis by painting tall grasses around the bath tub to give the appearance of a pond or painting clouds on the ceiling. A fantasy garden theme should start with an earth-tone pallet and incorporate jewel colors in the form of fairies, flowers, dragonflies and butterflies. Use stencils or stamps also add the details. Be sure to bring in plenty of real or fake plants. Decorate with natural stones or crystals.

Hunt through some stores or catalogues to see what bathroom decorating themes might be readily available. There are any number of items available in any taste and with any theme a person may have in mind. Then let your imagination take off. Building on these ideas are sure to help anyone create the bathroom of their dreams.