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The "infamous" Temple University crew

This is most of the "Infamous" Temple University crew. 1st. Sargeant Tom Cavileer (second from right) ran the show but everyone did their part (Even Charlie showed up). They did 204 entire bathrooms in 21 days with 0 defects. They liked our work so much our next university was St. Joe's with over 540 rooms. All this while also doing the Trump Marina, Trump Plaza and all our our residential customers.

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Check out our movie cameo!

Find us in the movie "The Town" starring Ben Affleck and Blake LIvely. We refinished two ancient tubs and a pedestal sink. They wouldn't let Charlie be a co-producer, but they were grateful for the fast turaround and great refinishing job by our Boston techs.
Erie Eastern Refinishing

Why not just tear out and replace the tub?

When you factor in the plumbing costs to remove and reinstall a tub, plus the landfill for the old tub and initial tub cost for the new tub, it comes to almost $2000. You're also without your bathroom for a week and it comes with a big dusty mess! You can refinish, also called reglazing, for a fraction of the cost. Most standard tubs can be brought to a "like new" condition, with a 5 year warranty, for under $450! It can all me done in one day, and you can use the tub the very next day!




Bathtub refinishing is the process of restoring the surface of a worn, damaged bathtub to a like new condition. This process typically involves repairing any damaged areas, prepping the surface and applying a new finish

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Posted by glennpuzo1 on 08/18/2009

we recently had our tub refinished by eastern. the results were highly satisfactory. the two men showed up on time, explained the procedure, and did an outstanding job. the lead tech (willie) was polite and highly professional. if you need refinishing work you won't go wrong with eastern.

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Posted by billbleakley on 05/21/2009

Excellent work, Prompt service, and courteous people. Charlie is funny and fair. Had Rudy do the work and I am quite pleased. Would recommend them whole-heartedly.

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Posted by csm122658 on 05/16/2009

Last year, I had my very ugly harvest gold bathtub refinished by Eastern Refinishing Company. It is now white, and it looks like a brand new bathtub!!! It makes a world of difference!!! I can't believe it's the same 30+ year old tub!!! I am now having them come back to refinish the towel racks, soap holder, toothbrush holder, and toilet paper holder. I can't wait! My cousin had recommended Eastern Refinishing Company to me, and I am so happy she did. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is considering refinishing work. The service, price, and quality of their work is excellent.



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Article from our library:

Get A Dream Bathroom In Five Steps
By: Jeremy Ranson

Bathroom remodeling ranks with kitchen remodeling as one of America's most popular major home improvements, perhaps because the return on investment when you sell your home is so high.

Bathroom remodeling can cost you as much or as little as you choose to put into it. While a simple spruce-up involving a new vanity top, light fixture and accessories can be done for well under $1000, many people are choosing to yank everything out and start from scratch again. A completely new upgraded bathroom can cost $10,000 or more. Start your project right with the following bathroom remodeling tips:

1. Determine your exact bathroom needs. Do you want to enlarge your bathroom? Do you need another sink? Would you like to add windows? Does the bathroom tile need to be replaced? Think about what your ideal bathroom will look like and then prioritize your needs before your wants.

2. Gather bathroom design ideas. A set of architectural plans will really help you and your remodeling professionals visualize the finished project, but any design preparations can be helpful. Consult with a designer for ideas or check out magazines and cut out ideas, designs or photos that approximate what you want. It can also be helpful to a designer if you can make a sketch on graph paper of what your plans are. Any of these things will be help you to express to your bathroom remodeling professionals

3. Establish a realistic bathroom remodeling budget. At this time you will also need to determine how you will finance your bathroom remodel. Do you have a savings that you can dip into or will you need get a loan? The answer to this will be a factor in determining your budget. Will this be a larger remodel or are you making minor changes?

When establishing your budget keep in mind the design ideas you would like and whether they fall on the pricier side. Also, it will always be less expensive if you don't need to relocate plumbing fixtures, such as toilets or sinks, so if you are on a smaller budget it is more economical to incorporate your current bathroom layout into the new design.

4. Don't forget building permits. Before beginning the remodeling process be sure to secure a building permit from your local city or county government. Failure to do so could ultimately make your bathroom remodel much more costly.

5. Consider popular bathroom design trends. Second sinks have become very popular in bathroom remodels as they allow two people to use the bathroom at the same time. Another popular trend in bathroom design is separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom.

If you only have a shower, consider replacing this with a bathtub which can serve double duty as both a bath and a shower. Whirlpool bathtubs have also become very popular in today's bathrooms. Nearly everyone elects to include a bathroom exhaust fan, often incorporating a heater on a timer, as well.